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Silver Willow twig hoop earrings

Silver Willow twig hoop earrings


These elegant yet simple open hoops are the perfect everyday earrings. Originally cast from a willow twig I harvested from my garden, they are subtle but interesting and bound to catch the eye.


Cast in 100% recycled sterling silver, each earring is carefully and lovingly finished by hand for a unique and high-quality product.


In Celtic traditions, the Willow tree was highly revered for its association with the water and the moon and its phases. The Willow was believed to enhance psychic abilities and offer deep insights into the world's workings.


Closely associated with medicine and magic, Willow is a strong symbol of fertility and new life. Willow groves were used for magical ceremonies where druids could gain inspiration and prophecies.


A timeless take on a talisman of protection, let these elegant earrings be your modern nod to an ancient and alluring magic.

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