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Wild Nature
Jenti Forest Jewellery workshop
Jenti Forest

I grew up in the countryside of West Cork, in the South of Ireland. I've been creating my whole life, painting, drawing, writing , and illustrating stories.


Along the way I've dabbled in textiles, mixed media, ceramics, sign painting, murals, doll making, you name it, I could never settle on one medium. That was until a fling with silversmithing led to a deep and enduring love affair and I never looked back. Since becoming a mother I'm more intent than ever to make my passion my career. To show my daughters that being a mum doesn't mean you have to put your dreams on hold.


My work is inspired by the magical beauty of the natural world. Combining a passion for working with my hands with my wandering imagination, I create unique pieces of  jewellery, constantly seeking the perfect balance between sentiment and ornament. 

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