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Meteor stud earrings large

Meteor stud earrings large


These small but mighty stud earrings are as unique as the person wearing them. Bringing a subtle sparkle to your look they are both rustic and elegant. They are also super sustainable as they are created using offcuts and scraps of silver from other projects.


Nothing is wasted in my workshop, they are named Meteor for the technique used to make them. First I carefully weighout a precise quantity of sterling silver trimmings. Then I heat it with a blowtorch till it is a rolling ball of molten metal. While the metal is still a red-hot glowing drop of lava I carefully tap it with a hammer.


This instantly cools the metal and it forms a small flat disc with a distorted organic edge. It is then hammered into a dome shape. This creates a perfectly smooth mirror-like concave surface, with the contrast of a subtly wavy irregular edge. This technique makes it impossible to create two pieces that are the same, guaranteeing you a unique pair of earrings The Meteor studs are available in two sizes, the smaller being perfect for second lobe piercings.

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